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Ink.UI.Drawer_1 class

Displays off-canvas content which can be triggered by clicking elements with the 'left-drawer-trigger' and 'right-drawer-trigger', respectively. The left drawer has the 'left-drawer' class, and the right drawer has the 'right-drawer' class. The content drawer (EG your <div id="main">) must have the 'content-drawer' class. For more, see the example below, or try the sample.

Method name Description
new Drawer_1([options]) Constructor

new Ink.UI.Drawer_1([options])


  • options

    Configuration options.
  • options.mode

    'push'This can be 'push' or 'over'.
  • options.sides

    'both'Can be 'left', 'right', or 'both'. Controls what sides have a drawer.


            <body class="ink-drawer">
                <div class="left-drawer">
                    Right drawer content...
                <div class="right-drawer">
                    Left drawer content...
                <div id="main-content" class="content-drawer ink-grid">
                    <a class="left-drawer-trigger" href="">Open left drawer</a>
                    <a class="right-drawer-trigger" href="">Open right drawer</a>
                Ink.requireModules(['Ink.UI.Drawer_1'], function (Drawer) {
                    new Drawer();