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Ink.UI.Carousel_1 class

Method name Description
new Carousel_1(selector, [options]) Constructor
.autoAdvance([ms]) Auto-advance the carousel every ms milliseconds.
.getPage() Gets the current page index
.getPagination() Gets the Ink Pagination element this carousel is using.
.getSlidesList() Get a list of your slides (elements with the ".slide" class inside your stage)
.getSlidesPerPage() Returns how many slides fit into a page
.getStageElm() Get the stage element (your UL with the class ".stage").
.getTotalPages() Get the amount of pages in the carousel.
.getTotalSlides() Get the total number of slides
.nextPage([wrap]) Goes to the next page
.previousPage([wrap]) Goes to the previous page
.refit() Repositions elements around.
.setPage(page, [wrap]) Sets the current page index
.stopAutoAdvance() Stop the carousel from auto-advancing. Calls clearTimeout to cancel the auto-advancer.